Our Story

Once upon a time, Nicholas decided that one day he would take his future bride on a round the world trip for their honeymoon. He saved up his frequent flier miles for many years.

Judit and Nicholas met in 2012 and started dating in 2013, shortly after their first trip together to Walt Disney World.

However, they both lived in different countries so they dated long distance. This was okay because they both enjoy travel more than is healthy and they took trips together in the USA, Australia and New Zealand.

In March of 2014 after a beautiful birthday trip together to Walt Disney World together he knew she was the one.

In September 2014, Nicholas travelled by himself to New Zealand in secret to ask Judit’s parents for permission permission to marry their daughter. Judit was overseas and didn’t suspect a thing.

At the end of October, Judit and Nicholas traveled again to Walt Disney World for a vacation. On the last day, they dressed up and went to the Magic Kingdom and Nicholas proposed. Judit, of course, said yes.