The 6 Castle Itinerary

1st September: Our journey begins at San Francisco international airport, where we depart to Perth for the wedding.

10th September: Wedding bells will ring and we will be married!

12th September: The honeymoon begins! We will fly to Hong Kong where we will spend two days at Hong Kong Disneyland.

14th September: After a short hop by plane, we’ll spend two days at the newest Disney park in Shanghai (scheduled to open June 2016).

16th September: We fly to Japan, where we will spend four days at Tokyo Disneyland.

20th September: Time for a bit more of a long haul flight and we’re off to Europe! Transiting through London, we’ll land in Paris for our longest time spent in one place. We’ll be in France for six days, spending 3-4 days at the park and then taking a break from theme parking to do the cheesy-Paris-honeymoon thing.

26th September: And we’re off again, back to the U.S.A., connecting in New York to arrive in Florida. We’ll spend four days at Walt Disney World, in time for the annual food and wine festival we visit every year.

30th September: This is where we crank it up to hard mode! We’re aiming to get photos in front of the castles at Disneyland AND Disney World…on the same day. Will we arrive in Los Angeles with enough time to rush to the park?

2nd October: Three weeks after we began the honeymoon and four weeks since we first departed, we make the short hop back up to San Francisco and back to our home in Mountain View.